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Breakups can be tough. However, on occasion, something funny can come out of them, like was the case with this man’s photo shoot.

It all started when a man decided to sell his ex’s wedding dress. After listing it online, he started receiving some responses from potentially interested buyers.


However, there was one woman who wrote to him saying that she loved the dress, but she couldn’t visualize it and asked if he had any photos of the dress on a person, or at least if he had the name of the designer as well as the style, so she could research it herself.

The man stated that he could try it on himself in order for her to have a visual, and she agreed, writing back, “Sure why not!”

And that is how the hilarious video was born. In the clip, the TikTok user managed to get himself into the lacy, off-the-shoulder bridal gown. He also wrote, “I did what had to be done.”

Photo: TikTok/tacobellchipotle

Even though the woman who had initially requested the photos ended up changing her mind about purchasing the gown, there was a silver lining. His photoshoot in the wedding gown became a viral sensation and has brought a lot of laughs to people across the internet.

There were plenty of comments from amused followers, with one person writing, “She didn’t buy it because she knew she could never look as good as you did in it.”

Someone else joked, “On the bright side you now know you can pull of lace.”

Photo: TikTok/tacobellchipotle

And a third stated, “How could she not buy it after that tho?”

The man even got a bridal shop to reach out to him saying, “Damn bro, I think we need to hire you to model our dresses too!”


#weddingdresses #whyamilikethis #Ugotthat #stillwhite #weddingdress

♬ U Got That 60 second version – Morgan

Following so much media attention, the man posted a follow-up modeling video, and it was everything that his followers could ask for.

Watch the hilarious clip below:


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