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The idea of having an actual raptor encounter is too much for most of us to bear, whether the raptor is “real” or not. That’s what makes Universal Studios such a fun trip for people of all ages.

You get to face these fears in the safest environment possible. Regardless of the level of safety, these types of encounters still make for some hilarious moments, that is for certain.

Photo: TikTok/@timeless.spider

This story takes place at the Jurassic Park attraction, where the tour guide was highly amused by a visitor’s reaction to the raptor that they saw. Of course, they are not supposed to be laughing this hard but can you blame them really? “Thought I’d meet a raptor during my trip to Orlando…didn’t go well,” the video was captioned.

At least our pal Joel here was willing to share the video with the rest of us. We probably would have kept a moment that is this embarrassing to ourselves, if we are being frank.

Photo: TikTok/@timeless.spider

At first, Joel seems to be taking the raptor’s presence in stride. There is nothing to be afraid of, right? After all, this raptor is not actually real….or is it? As the clip goes on, the situation worsens.

Joel is not worried about the raptor initially but as it draws closer to him, he does not know what to do with himself.

Photo: TikTok/@timeless.spider

The video is too funny because if you did not know better, you would swear that this is a real raptor who has it out for him. Whoever is responsible for controlling it must be having a great time messing with poor Joel.

We still can’t help ourselves, it is too funny not to laugh at. This man met a raptor, as he hoped, but there is no way that he ever could have expected the encounter to end like this. When Joel falls to the ground, there is very little that we can do to hold it together.


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We are sure that the viewers at home feel the exact same way about this hysterical clip. We cannot stop watching it.