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One man was surprised to discover his coil lightbulb was packed full of dead ladybugs and on the brink of catching fire.

The man, Jason Whitaker, kept smelling something that smelled similar to an electrical fire. He searched his house high and low looking for the culprit and he finally found it: dead ladybugs.


Whitaker shared his findings on Facebook, warning others of the dangers these little insects could cause.


As it turns out, the fairly common fluorescent spiral light bulbs are actually ladybug death traps. The insects are attracted to light and heat. Once they arrive to find comfort from the light and heat, they will set up shop inside of the coils of the bulb. Because these bugs have a tendency to accumulate, they can get trapped in the coils in masses and pose a very real fire threat.


As Whitaker shared in his post, “It is packed tight with nothing but lady bugs. You can see how close it came to igniting. I changed all the light bulbs. Please check yours.”

If you use these types of light bulbs in your home, you’ll want to go take a closer look and make sure that the ladybugs, or any other insects for that matter, are not choosing to congregate there. These critters can be sneaky at times, so you are going to want to check for them on a consistent basis.

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