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Pregnancy can be a time of many changes. Not only are you getting ready to bring a new life into the world, but you’re also watching as your body undergoes many different evolutions and adjustments.

It can be tough for a pregnant woman to get comfortable while busy growing a life. That is why the main job of an expectant woman’s partner is to make sure that she stays comfortable despite the new challenges she’s facing. And that is precisely what was captured on camera at a beach near San Francisco, California.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We all know that as a pregnant woman’s belly gets bigger, lying down in a comfortable position gets harder and harder. Lying on your stomach is basically impossible, therefore, a day at the beach while pregnant probably won’t leave room for laying down belly first.

However, one woman happened to have a caring partner who was willing to try to and make her as comfy as possible. The video clip was filmed by TikToker, @e.dow, and then shared online. It’s a video that shows pure care and kindness, so it has made lots of people smile in reaction to its sweetness.

Photo: TikTok/e.dow

The video shows the couple enjoying a day out at the beach. The woman is quite clearly pregnant, and she is standing by her partner who is down in the sand digging a hole.

At first it isn’t quite clear what is happening, but then it becomes evident what the man was putting all his effort into. He was digging a hole in the sand so his partner could comfortably rest her bump in the sand while also laying out to enjoy the sunshine.

Photo: TikTok/e.dow

How sweet is that? Adding to the cuteness of the moment, once she is settled down and comfortable, he places her hat on her head for her before he goes back to sit down in his own seat. While it’s only a few seconds long, it’s still so nice to see.

Watch the TikTok video below:


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What do you think of the dad-to-be’s actions? What sweet thing has your partner done for you while pregnant? Let us know!

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