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We live in a world where people tend to speak their minds and do what they want. As long as they are not going south of the law, they can typically get away with it. That being said, they aren’t always making friends in the process.

This is seen clearly with something that happened in Texas. A man loves Halloween and he puts out displays that are getting more and more grisly every year. Some of his displays have even gone viral on TikTok.

Photo: Pixabay/Lolame

Stephen Novak talked to the Dallas Observer and said that this year’s display has a lot of new gimmicks that make it even better than last year. When you consider the fact that last year saw dismembered manikins, a body bag, and 20 gallons of fake blood on his front lawn, it really is saying something.

Some of the neighbors were so concerned about what they were seeing on his front lawn that they called 911. They actually thought it was part of a crime scene. The police that showed up were perhaps a little perturbed at first but they left smiling when all was said and done.

Since it got so much attention last year, he decided that he would take his game to the next level this year. He claimed that he wanted to make people feel a little better over the stress of the pandemic, calling it a “pressure relief valve.”

This year will have a dummy on the roof, a manikin with a chain saw sticking out of it, and plenty of fake blood. He shared photos of the display on Instagram and TikTok.

After calling out the details in a viral video, people are wanting to see more. He said: “55-gallon drums are now out by the curb filled up with the shredded party [guests]. And I made the body parts this year by cutting up mannequins then filling them with skeleton parts and Great Stuff insulation foam.”

Perhaps the biggest addition to his lawn this year will be a wood chipper that sprays fake blood all over the walkway and into a kiddie pool full of mannequin parts. He even uploaded a tutorial that has close to 4 million views.


Wood Chipper Fountain Demo #halloween #specialeffects #DIYhalloween #diyhalloweendecor #Hauntedhouse #FYP #fypage #fypシ゚viral

♬ original sound – Steven Novak


Thanks @Culture Hustle ! Couldn’t have done it without Black 3.0 #halloween#specialeffects#black3#halloweendecor#DIY#Hauntedhouse#FYP

♬ original sound – Steven Novak


Halloween fountain water recipie #halloween #specialeffects #DIYhalloween #diyhalloweendecor #Hauntedhouse #FYP

♬ Spooky, Scary Skeletons – Andrew Gold

Even though it looks gruesome, he claims that it is environmentally friendly. He said that it is powered by a submersible water pump in the kiddie pool and it circulates back into the chipper fountain. There is a hidden pedal switch that allows you to turn it on and off.

Some people love it and others hate it, but it is getting a lot of attention in either case. He even has a Venmo account set up so that fans can donate to the display coming out next year.

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