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Aleksei Shlega is a well-known performance artist who has a very unique ability. This man is able to balance objects on top of one another, without any regard for their weight, density, and porosity.

According to his YouTube, he uses pure physics and a deep understanding of it to balance objects that seem impossible to stack!

Photo: Instagram/balance_spb

There is no object that can even present a real challenge to Shlega. We kept waiting for his objects to come crashing down but it never happens. This man is so skillful when it comes to balancing these items, it almost defies logic.

Beer mugs, wine glasses, musical instruments, it does not matter. You give him an item and he will be able to balance it.

The most unusual performance that we have seen took place when Shlega balanced a hairdryer on top of a nose-first iron. As if this were not difficult enough, the iron was set on top of some balancing stones.

Check it out for yourself below:

This man even set a shot glass on top of an ax that was balanced on a singular stone. Our words can barely do it justice, to be honest.

Many people claim he defies the laws of physics, but instead, he claims that he actually uses them to his advantage.

Photo: YouTube/Алексей Шлега

The rest of us will have to do what we can to try and understand this. It’s a lot to take in and you may believe that he is some sort of magician doing a trick. These are not tricks, though. His balancing skills have won him the title of World and Russian record holder.

It’s rare that we ever feel the need to offer a disclaimer before sharing any of these types of videos but today we feel compelled. Please do not try to emulate anything that this man has done or you will probably not receive the same result (and we’re being generous with the “probably” part).

You can see more of his balancing on Instagram, @balance_spb, or on YouTube!