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For those who have stayed with their parents into their 20s, this one is going to be easy to relate to. Meanwhile, there are others who tried to move out as quickly as they could. Life is what you make it, of course.

For many, living at home is a great way to save up for your first place and avoid all of the annoyances that come with having your own apartment. That’s where this TikTok comes into play. It is here to showcase the joys of living at home in your 20s.

Photo: TikTok/@tulevech

This TikTok user actually did live on their own for a bit but they ended up coming back home. The video has struck a massive chord with all of the other twenty-somethings out there who can relate to this stage of life.

“Living with your parents in your 20s core,” the text on the video reads. The fact that they chose to have “Sara” by Jefferson Starship playing in the background was a nice touch, too.

Photo: TikTok/@tulevech

@tulevich is the TikTok user who shared the video, as they showed us a day in their life. When the camera pans over to their parents, we already know where this is headed. Of course, Mom and Dad have fallen asleep with the local news on. “why does this feel like a sitcom intro,” she writes in her caption and it definitely has that feel to it.

“sundays are exciting because we get to watch the last of us,” she adds in the comment section. She definitely seems to be in on the joke and knows that her life is not the most riveting thing.

Photo: TikTok/@tulevech

Most of the people who saw this one found her life to be pretty awesome as well. Ah, to be able to live comfortably, without having to worry about paying all of the bills.

“Just turned 27 and no shame living with my best friends, I love my parents,” one viewer shared. “EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE!!” That’s definitely at the heart of the matter.


why does this feel like a sitcom intro

♬ Sara – Starship

We expect to see more videos like this one in the months and years to come.