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The vernal equinox has come and gone, which can only mean one thing: Summertime is upon us once again! The hot summer days are closer than you think. Once the weather starts to turn, we need some nice, cool beverages to help us beat the heat. Of course, there are few items that are more refreshing than an ice-cold Popsicle when you’re out in the hot sun.

Now, thanks to Totally The Bomb, we can order a drink that tastes exactly like a melted popsicle. Their new drink, called Liquid Popsicle, is from the Starbucks Secret Menu.

Photo: Pixabay

Like all of the drinks that Starbucks has to offer on the secret menu, you can’t just roll up to the drive thru and tell them that you want the Liquid Popsicle drink. The barista won’t have the faintest idea of what you are talking about.

Instead, you’ll need to provide the barista instructions on how to create the drink.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You start by asking for a iced guava passion fruit drink. This serves as the base for your tasty beverage. In addition, you will also be asking for dragon fruit inclusions and strawberry puree. Make sure to ask for the drink to be double blended to ensure it’s nice and smooth. Finally, top the beverage off with some Dragon Fruit Cold Foam.

Find the full instructions at Totally the Bomb.

Photo: flickr/모나카

Summer is coming and we all need a deliciously cool beverage to sip on during those warmer days.

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