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I was fortunate in life to grow up in a home in the suburbs. I had neighbors that would sometimes throw loud Fourth of July parties or New Years’ Eve gatherings, but apart from that, the neighborhood was relatively quiet.

It wasn’t until I moved cities and began renting an apartment when I discovered how loud human beings can actually be. When you’re living in an apartment building, every sound somehow gets amplified. You can hear literally everything that is going on above you.

Photo: Max Pixel

It often makes you wonder if your upstairs neighbors have lead bricks for feet. And sometimes, it also means that you get called out by your downstairs neighbor for absent-mindedly running the washing machine at 11 pm on a Wednesday after an unfortunate Netflix and queso incident on your favorite fuzzy blanket.

But there is one roommate utility service, Nutili, who has made a very funny video compilation that has brought to life what it’s like to live with upstairs neighbors.

Photo: Instagram/nutiliti

It is definitely something that anyone in an apartment building can relate to. In the videos, the woman does over-exaggerations of what our upstairs neighbors sound like they’re doing in their day to day, such as salsa dancing in platform shoes, running around in cowboy boots, moving heavy furniture around, hammering the floors, slamming doors, and constantly dropping weighted boxes.

Photo: Instagram/nutiliti

Honestly, it sounds so true to life. The funny video’s caption states, “Daily life of an upstairs neighbor,” and we couldn’t agree more. Check it out:

What do you think of the video? Have you ever had really noisy upstairs neighbors? Let us know!

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