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Christmas is right around the corner, which means finding the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

If you happen to have a Lego fanatic on your shopping list, then this gift might be for them. Lego is coming out with its own perfect replica of the McAllister family from the iconic Christmas movie, “Home Alone.”

Photo: YouTube/LEGO

The “Home Alone” Lego Ideas set comes with 3,955 pieces in it, meaning that you can fully re-construct Kevin McAllister’s house for the holidays. It’s fairly large too, as the completed Lego home stands at 11 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

But it doesn’t just look like a spitting image of the famous house on the outside, it also looks just like it inside as well – which is a good thing because the “Home Alone” Lego Ideas set also includes five mini figures.

Photo: YouTube/LEGO

Those figures would be Kevin McAllister, his mom Kate, the Wet Bandits Harry, and Marv, as well as the mystery neighbor, Old Man Marley. In case you’re wondering, Harry and Marv also come with a getaway van like in the movie.

But the best part might also be the fact that the Lego set includes little details from the movie, such as a basement furnace that lights up, swinging paint cans, an iron that drops onto Marv and Harry’s heads, collapsable shelves, a big spider, and of course, a zip line! With such thoughtful attention to details you can definitely enjoy hours recreating scenes from the holiday movie.

Photo: YouTube/LEGO

If this sounds like the perfect gift for either yourself or someone on your list, then you can purchase it for $299 on the official Lego site. Alternatively, you can also find it on Amazon for the same cost.

What do you think of this Home Alone Lego House? Do you know someone that would love this as a Christmas gift? Let us know!