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Although we may have grown up with many different types of toys, LEGOs seem to be a timeless option. Those little pieces may have been hard on the feet when our parents stepped on them but they built up the imagination and have done so for one generation after another. They are also a toy that continues to grow, which includes a new creation that you would want to keep on your radar. In fact, this new creation, which includes two new build kits, is targeted at adults who love growing plants.

If you have a love of LEGOs but you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, then you may want to give the LEGO Bonsai Tree and LEGO Flower Bouquet a try. They were created for adults as part of the LEGO Botanical Collection to help relieve stress and foster creativity.

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When most of us think about bonsai, we think about the calm that it seems to bring with it. Perhaps that is why the Bonsai Tree Kit was designed to help with mindfulness and to keep the builders calm as they created their own LEGO bonsai tree. That kit uses many pieces that you might recognize from other kits, such as robot heads, dinosaur wings, and even the hood of a car. Those regular items are used to create a botanical shape and you might be surprised with what you can do with them.

The Flower Bouquet set contains 756 pieces and you can create many different types of flowers. Some of the popular options for this LEGO kit include snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters, and daisies. It isn’t just creating what is on the box, you can customize it to match your mood and the picture you have in your mind.

The Bonsai Tree kit is just as customizable, with 878 pieces including pink cherry blossoms, green leaves, and many other options. You can create your own bonsai tree from Legos and then change it as the season changes.

The best news is, you don’t have to water the plants, and even someone with a brown thumb can be successful in growing them.

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