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When most of us purchase something on Amazon, we take a moment to look at the reviews. After all, it’s a good way to know what we are getting before we actually get it.

Most reviews are rather humdrum but every once in a while, we run across one that really stands out from the others. That is what we see when a customer gave a review for some leggings that seem to be indestructible.

Photo: Pixabay/Pezibear

The review is from 2020, but Twitter decided to repost it recently, and hundreds of thousands of people liked it. What was it that captured so many people’s attention?

User Cory H said that she would be reordering the leggings in every color and even captioned the review: “order them right now.”

She also shared some pictures of herself falling down a rock face while wearing some purple leggings. The leggings themselves are described as a non-see-through and four-way stretch but the pictures go a long way to showing just how much abuse they will stand up to.

According to the review, she was worried about climbing down the mountain so she decided to ride down the rocks on her belly. I think that most pants would likely have torn to shreds in the process, but her leggings did quite well.

Photo: Amazon

She said: “My leggings did not rip not even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees.”

As a result of her review being so solid, more than 18,000 people gave it a helpful rating. There were also many people on Twitter who couldn’t say enough about her unusual review methods.

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