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Summer is only a few months away, and there is so much about summer to look forward to. It is the perfect season for enjoying some sun either at the beach or by the pool. But when you’re laying out on a perfect summer’s day, you more than likely to want to sip on something refreshing.

Luckily for you, LaCroix is releasing several new flavors and they sound like the perfect accompaniment to any summer day.

Photo: Unsplash

The new flavors include Beach Plum, which is a seltzer that has a hint of plum flavoring to it. Their second new flavor is Black Razzberry, which is supposed to be acerbic in its taste. And their third one, which is a great selection for those who love tropical fruit flavors, is their Guava São Paulo.

Check them out:

Photo: Instagram/lacroixwater

While these might sound like delicious cocktails, they actually don’t have any booze in them. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t grab your own preferred spirit and add it to the LaCroix for your own homemade cocktail.

Personally, I’d totally mix the guava one with some rum and add a pineapple slice with a tiny little umbrella to the glass. I’d call it the “alternate reality” because with the year it’s been, we could all use an alternate reality.

Photo: Unsplash

Whether you want to enjoy these with a little splash of something extra, or just on their own, you can start searching for them come spring. The company will be rolling them out at select retailers across the nation.

What do you think of the new flavors? Will you be trying them? Let us know!

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