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While summer officially started a few weeks ago, we are just starting to get into the swing of the season. Thankfully, there are plenty of refreshing drinks still be released and LaCroix just joined in with the launch of two new summer flavors.

LaCroix is popular for its zero sodium, zero sweeteners, zero-calorie recipe, so you can enjoy them without having to worry about your waistline for even a second. Now, you can enjoy Cubana mojito and coconut cola flavors.

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New summer edition @lacroixwater coming in Coconut cola & Cubans mojito! Both sound extremely interesting, but im not one for the sparkling water craze. Thoughts? Would you give them a go? Found at my favorite Big Lots! #LaCroix #Sparkling #Water #Coconut #Cola #Cubana #Mojito #Summer #Biglots #Sun #FunInTheSun

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Let’s be real here. We are all adults, right? When we say that we want to try them out, we are not talking about having a sip of seltzer. Afterall, coconut-flavored drinks always make a great mixer and this new LaCroix flavor is no different.

Each of the boxes comes with eight tall cans apiece. They are adorned with tropical imagery as well. They’ve been spotted at Big Lots for just $4, but they’re available in other stores as well.

These boxes are believed to be seasonal flavors, so if you would like to stock up, you’ll need to act now. Summer has a way of flying by before we have a chance to know what hit us.

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