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Setting a world record looks like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? We have never been involved in the pursuit of one but we would to love to do so one day. Just wait until you hear about the world record that the people in this town were pursuing.

While a Guinness World Record might seem like an impossible pursuit, there are some that are easier to take part in than you think.

Photo: Twitter/@CityofKyleTX

The residents of this town recently learned this lesson firsthand. The Texas town in this story does not need anyone to test their endurance or possess any special skills whatsoever. There is only one catch: You will need to have a certain moniker. Unless you are named Kyle, you are not going to be able to participate in this one.

Of course, all of this makes perfect sense when you take the time to learn more about the town in question. This is exactly what we would expect when it comes to a town known as Kyle, Texas.

Photo: Twitter/@CityofKyleTX

City officials have let it be known. All of the Kyles who reside in the region are being called upon, so that this town is able to shatter a record that no one probably ever considered before.

They are looking to gather the largest amount of people who have the same name. If you would like to attend and your name is Kyle, the event will take place on May 21. It is part of the town’s first annual Kyle Fair A Tex-Travaganza. The three-day event starts on May 19 and will conclude on the 21st. Rides, food, and entertainment are all going to be offered.

Photo: Twitter/@CityofKyleTX

The current record was set in Bosnia and Herzegovina on July 30, 2017, where 2,325 Ivans had all gathered for the occasion. Texas knows how to go big, though. We expect their “Gathering of the Kyles” to be a huge deal. If they are not able to gather the proper number of Kyles, we would be very, very surprised.

“In order to break this record, we’re calling for any and all Kyle’s. We need tall Kyle’s, short Kyle’s, young Kyle’s and old Kyle’s to get close to the record set five years ago,” Claudia Rocha, City of Kyle Special Events Manager, said in a press release. A video was also produced and shared on social media.

You can learn more about the event on the official website here.