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TikTok is chock full of recipe tips and cooking hacks. This app has been a lifesaver during the quarantine period, without a doubt. While there is a lot of talk about chaotic energy these days, we believe that TikTok should be filed under the chaotically good category. One of the more recent TikTok clips that has surfaced definitely illustrates that point.

The video that you are about to see is one for the ages. A group Krispy Kreme employees decided to record a clip of themselves during a slow day on the job. They wanted to find out what would happen if they kept glazing a donut – and see how many coats of glaze it could handle. Let’s be 100 percent honest here, we were all wondering what would happen in this particular instance. We can’t be alone in this!

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jackpaul_jones is the TikTok user who decided to conduct the experiment. He was even willing to explain his thought process. “Since it was a slow day at work we decided it was time we experimented. We wanted to find out just how many times we could glaze a donut. Our shift manager was skeptical but we told her it needed to be done,” says the video’s description.

Each of the clip offers a closer look at the Krispy Kreme glaze fountain. As the layers of glaze were added, the donut ceases to look edible. The pastry eventually becomes a solid, white mass and boasts 25 layers of glaze. The transformation is downright scary. “We kept at it for over an hour as it gradually became more terrifying,” said Jack. It must have been a very slow day, indeed.


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The Krispy Kreme team was able to add 25 layers of the glaze, but the donut was not able to be eaten by that point. The donut became so heavy, there was no bag that could even carry it. The pastry ripped straight through the bag and it was unable to be taken out of the restaurant without a box. Thank you to this staff for being willing to carry out such an important experiment.

This story now has us craving Krispy Kreme and if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to see if the staff will be ready to add an extra layer of glaze. 25 is probably too many but there’s nothing wrong with a little extra. We’re not sure if anyone took this donut but we will pray for their cholesterol (and their teeth) immediately.