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Kids are hilarious, mostly because they do not have a filter. They will say anything that pops into their heads and they do not care who knows it. That’s what makes this story such a funny one.

This is the tale of a kindergarten teacher named Emily who recently walked down the aisle. The most amazing surprise took place during the wedding, as Emily’s maids of honor offered up some valuable advice.

Photo: Instagram/@katiejofilms

The funniest part of all is where the advice came from. Emily’s students are the ones who provided their pearls of wisdom and they are an absolute must see.

“We decided to ask some of Emily’s kindergarteners … what they would give you, what advice,” one of her bridesmaids shared. Kids are funny, but we can’t lie, some of this advice is actually pretty on point.

Photo: Instagram/@katiejofilms

Carter’s advice might have been our favorite. He told his teacher that she needed to be nice to her husband and her child. This may seem like a no-brainer but there are lots of couples that struggle with this. Easton had us laughing, too, as she was sure to mention that the teacher would be very pretty “when she grows up.”

Some of the advice is very funny, some of it is actionable, but all of it is worth your time. We could not stop laughing at the suggestions that were being offered here. Kids will tell you exactly what they feel and you do not have to guess at how they are thinking. It’s a nice break from the usual norms.

Photo: Instagram/@katiejofilms

With adults, there is a sense to bite your tongue and try to think of the most politically correct thing to say. Kids, however, are able to tell it like it is, as opposed to those who are forced to tell it like it should be.

Check out the video below to hear more of their sweet advice: