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Being a homeowner comes with many challenges. There is always something to be done around the house. When things happen, we usually call in a handyman or some other construction service to handle the situation.

Unfortunately, not all construction jobs come out quite as anticipated, and when this happens, they just might end up on social media.

Photo: Pixabay

Naturally, there is usually some mocking to go along. But this particular Instagram account, greaseball1987, has a fun way of pretending that the bad construction job was his own. He pretends to “justify” why it’s so bad, and it has a lot of people entertained.

Below, are some examples of just how wrong some construction jobs can go:

1. Comfort Height

The idea of an elevated toilet is fine in theory, but this execution is not so fine.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

2. Water Sealed

If this homeowner is hoping for no leaks they will just go on hoping.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

3. Half a Toilet

I guess half a toilet is better than no toilet, right?

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

4. Too Close for Comfort

Using either the shower or the toilet is going to be a challenge in this space.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

5. Access Denied

Good luck getting into this one.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

6. Easy Fix

Sometimes there is a simple solution for a bad job.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

7. Testing 1, 2, 3

Cutting holes in the wall can have a disastrous effect.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

8. Drains

Draining your laundry is going to be interesting with this installation.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

9. Running Wires

Why use actual bricks when you can just use brick shards and caulk to fill a hole?

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

10. Nails Exposed

This is not what you want to see in a newly-installed railing.

Photo: Instagram/greaseball1987

What do you think of these bad construction jobs? Have you ever had a construction disaster happen in your home? Let us know!

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