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If you’re the chef in the family, chances are you’re pretty proud of it. Whether you’re feeding the hungry masses between weeknight obligations, or you’ve spent hours perfecting your favorite chocolate cake for the potluck on Sunday, you know the secret to handling stress is to keep calm and cook on. If your happy place is the kitchen, keep scrolling to find your new favorite shirt.

I Cook and I Know Things

Let everyone know that ‘Dinner is Coming’. You can find this shirt HERE at our 12 Tomatoes Shop. Or add it directly to your shopping cart with the button above!

Best Cook Ever

Say it loud and proud with this classic shirt.

Risky Business

Get it? Get yours here.

The Best Room In The House

This t-shirt will let everyone know you’ll be fine as long as you’re in the kitchen, and they just back away slowly.

Bff Necklace

Does your best friend love cooking as much as you do? We’ve got just the jewelry to celebrate you both!

Best Advice Ever

How else are you going to get through the day? This shirt is an absolute essentail for any chef!

When You Just Gotta Get That Dough…

This apron is just too funny! We definitely need to get one for our kitchen!

Choose Wisely!

Which one is your weapon of choice? This shirt would make a great conversation starter!

Muffins = Friendship

These matching friendship necklaces let everyone know that the friends who bake together, stay together.

Food Puns Are The Best Kind Of Puns

We’ve all been there. Oh crépe indeed.

Is It Just Me, Or Is There A Little Too Much Salt In Here…

This shirt is so necessary. We all have the one family member who just can’t appreciate their meal.

Bling For The Chef

How cute are these earrings? We all know someone who needs a pair!

The Ultimate Grill Master Apron

This clever apron is perfect for anyone who doesn’t consider it a meal unless there’s meat in it. Get yours today!

Rock & Roll, Baby

Too funny! We all know someone who can appreciate a good baking pun. Show them some love with this t-shirt!

Bacon. Enough Said.

The ultimate shirt for bacon lovers everywhere.

A Cook’s Lucky Charms

All of the essentails are here on this bracelet!

Preach It.

The real question is what’s in the oven? For the baker who is always baking, get the t-shirt here.

Wear It Loud And Proud

Raise your hand if you need this shirt! We definitely do. Good thing we can order it right here.

Tea Time

For the chef who is never without a cup of tea – the necklace that says it all.