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If you are anything like us, the last thing that you want to do on St. Patrick’s Day is go to work. This year, thanks to Jameson Irish Whiskey, you might not have to.

They are going to be paying 1,000 people to take the day off from work. This promotion is known as St. Patrick’s Time Off or SPTO and the lucky winners are going to have the chance to stay in, turn off their laptops, and kick their feet up, preferably with a bottle of Jameson. The winners receive $50 to compensate for their day off work.

Photo: Pixabay

In addition to each selected winner receiving $50, Jameson is also doing a matched donation to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. So, for every $50 a winner receives, another $50 will be donated to that foundation.

Photo: pxhere

To enter to win, you can head to the Jameson website and fill out the entry form.

Photo: Unsplash

With most of the world on lockdown still, we won’t be celebrating quite the same this year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

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