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We just got done cleaning up all of the Christmas decorations but there is another holiday right around the corner: Valentine’s Day. It’s one of those holidays that has a way of creeping up on us when we least expect it. Anyone who would like to get out in front of things should start stocking up on their treats as soon as possible.

For some, the shopping process can be more challenging than expected. Anyone who has a father or a significant other who is tough to shop for is chuckling to themselves right now. These are the hardest people to find gifts for at times. They are not always willing to admit that they would even like a gift, either. This leaves many of us playing a guessing game as far as Valentine’s Day goes.

Jerkey company Jack Links feels our pain and they are trying their best to help out.

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If you ever wanted to find the most manly Valentine’s Day gift possible, they are here to make your dreams come true. Your father or significant other is sure to love this one. Who wouldn’t love to take home a big, hairy heart that is chock full of beef jerky?

Best of all, these hearts should be pretty easy to come across in supermarkets and stores, like Target. Commonts on the Instagram post revealed the hearts are around $7.99 at Target.

Each box says “Love Struck By Cupid” on the front and there is even a picture of a gorilla holding one of the arrows in its mouth. We are not going to lie to you……we may end up buying a box or two of this beef jerky for ourselves. The packaging is simply too beautiful for us to resist!

What do you think of this Valentine’s Day gift? Would you get it for a loved one (or yourself)? Let us know!

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