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Graduations can be a mix of emotions for everyone, but there was a particularly emotional moment during the recruit class 22-2’s graduation from the academy in Phoenix, Arizona.

It was during the ceremony that Phoenix Police Department Officer, Tyler Moldovan, was able to pin a badge to his brother Matt as he graduated from his firefighter training.

Photo: Facebook/Phoenix Fire Department

It was emotional for many reasons. Not only was Officer Moldovan proud of his brother’s accomplishment, but at the time of the graduation ceremony, it was quite a lucky break that Officer Moldovan was even able to be there.

As it was revealed by the Phoenix Fire Department on Facebook, Officer Moldovan was shot eight times, including one shot to the head, while in the line of duty in December 2021.

Photo: Facebook/Phoenix Fire Department

He was on life support for a month before he was moved to a rehabilitation facility. He was finally able to continue his recovery from home in June 2022.

Given all he’d been through, it was a miracle he was able to attend his brother’s graduation, as well as share a special moment with him on the stage.

Photo: Facebook/Phoenix Fire Department

It was truly heartwarming to watch!

Check out the video below:

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