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Now that the coronavirus pandemic is a reality, heading out to a pub is not always going to be an option. Some of them are still closed down because of COVID-19 restrictions, while others are opening up with limited capacity. Until a vaccine is developed, it is likely that we will continue to deal with the ever-changing guidelines.

Then again, the coronavirus may have nothing to do with you avoiding large public gatherings. All you really need to do is learn how to make your own mixed drinks or just chill some beer for a smaller gathering. Having the opportunity to mix the two options is now possible, thanks to an inflatable pub.

If you haven’t seen these inflatable bars yet, think bouncy house meets the adult world. They are inflatable areas that you can put up in your own backyard but you may still need to have somebody checking the door to keep the neighbors out.

A number of blow-up drinking options are available, so you are sure to have one that is right up your alley. They can all be customized with a personalized sign, so start thinking about what to name your backyard bar.

One of the options is a pitched roof, “brick exterior” cottage option.

Posted by Inflatable PUBS Global on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The inside of the pub offers a rustic feel with wood beams and archways, no wood involved. Up to 30 people can fit into this pub.

For those who love their German Oktoberfest, you might want to look into the 21.3 foot long by 16 foot wide Das Bierhaus Saloon. Have 50 friends over for a party in this 16-foot high option.

Posted by Inflatable PUBS Global on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

If you plan on having one of these backyard pubs, you should bring your credit card with you. You will pay anywhere from $1900 up to $5900. For those that aren’t interested in making this a permanent addition to their backyard, there may be some options available for renting them. Head to their website to check them out.

The only thing you need when all is said and done is some adult beverages, a few friends, and a desire to have a great time!

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