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For those who have a new iPhone or are simply looking to get the most out of their existing phone, there are a few different ways to go about this task.

For example, the question that is most commonly asked in these instances is focused on the life of the battery. In the majority of instances, we do not stop to think about the charging process. However, this philosophy may not be best for the lifespan of the battery.

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We typically like to plug in our phones and go about our day. While some iPhones come with an 18W fast-charger, others come with a 5W charger. Those who want to boost their battery life quickly will benefit the most from a fast-charger. On the other hand, there are benefits to charging the battery overnight with a more conventional charger. These chargers do not place as much strain on the battery.

The charger itself is another major factor that cannot be forgotten. Let’s face the facts here: the iPhone happens to be a pretty expensive piece of equipment. It makes sense to avoid the cheapo chargers and power banks. These items will only serve to cause further problems over the long haul, so most iPhone users avoid them entirely.

Photo: Pixabay/stokpic

Apple chargers are typically the best bets in these instances but there are other chargers that can be relied on in a pinch. Third-party chargers can be purchased from Amazon or any number of other retailers. In these instances, we like to read the reviews before making any further decisions.

The cables that are used will typically not make a major difference. One strategy that helps immensely is keeping the charging times to a minimum. Lengthy charges tend to cause more stress, especially once the phone has already reached an 80% charge.


Wireless charging pads work well but they can be problematic because they overheat and cause the battery to experience a sizable amount of added stress.

Use a quality charger and cable, don’t overcharge the phone, and leave it alone if it is at 80 percent or higher. Do not leave the iPhone to charge for too long, either. If you follow these simple tips and pointers, you can enjoy a much longer battery life than you would have expected otherwise.

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