Iconic Dishes From Every State

We’d never even HEARD of some of these!!

Delaware – Scrapple


Although scrapple was technically invented in Pennsylvania, it’s in Delaware that it really shines. Scrapple festivals and scrapple-flavored beer are just two of the ways that Delawareans show their appreciation for it. Regardless of the fact that it’s made up of castoff pig parts, the flavor is unbeatable!

Florida – Cubano Sandwich


While the key lime pie was a very close runner up, the Cubano is more inherently Floridian. Packed full of ham, pork, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard, sandwiched between two pieces of soft, Cuban bread, this sandwich does not disappoint.

Maryland – Crab Cakes


Just as Maine is known for its lobster rolls Maryland is known for its crab cakes. Purists say that crab cakes should consist of only blue crab all-lump meat, with very little filler so as to let the crab meat shine on its own. Whether it’s served Boardwalk-style (breaded and deep-fried) or restaurant-style (all-lump, no filler), you can’t go wrong with one of these bad boys.

Hawaii – Spam Musubi


Spam is to Hawaii what hot dogs are to the greater 48. It’s everywhere from convenient stores to high-end restaurants – people love it! Spam musubi is a fried slice of spam on top of a mound of rice, all wrapped up in a piece of japanese nori (seaweed). This salty snack is so yummy, so it’s great that you can find it just about anywhere in HA.

Idaho – Finger Steaks


A distinctly Idahoan dish, finger steaks are wide strips of sirloin that have been battered and fried that are usually served with fries and buttered toast. While Idaho’s also known for its potatoes, this dish surpasses its competition and is definitely the state icon.

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