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How many times have you walked into Target seeking only one, maybe two small items, only to emerge with a whole shopping cart stacked with purchases?

If that is you, then you’re not alone. And if you happen to be a woman, you are certainly not alone, as one woman’s husband hilarious diagnosed this phenomenon as the “Shopping at Target Disorder.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In the video, Penn Holderness asks his wife, Kim, “Do you have an STD?” While that would be a loaded question in any other context, what Penn really means is actually much more humorous. As he explained, he was referring to his wife having “Shopping at Target Disorder” – an STD we can all get behind.

But as Penn’s video points out, Kim seems to be exactly like the rest of us. She will go for one item but return with so much more.

Photo: YouTube/
Holderness Family Vlogs

As Penn explains in the video, living with someone who suffers from a Shopping at Target Disorder, it’s something else. As he states, “She’d be like, ‘Hey honey, I’ll be right back, I just need dish soap.’ Two hours later, she’s back with nine full bags, including a golden Easter bunny, a bowl that doesn’t match any of our other bowls, and a cheesy statement T-shirt. And she forgot the soap.”

Photo: YouTube/
Holderness Family Vlogs

Oof! The accuracy of that description. Who else feels called out? Raise your hands.

What the hilarious video below:

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