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There are a number of household items that we need to get clean on a daily basis. In most instances, we do not stop to consider the hairbrush. On the other hand, this is one of the filthiest items in your home. It’s full of skin flakes, hair follicles, and dandruff.

These are not items that you want to have to circulate in your hair, that is for sure. When these dandruff and hair care products are allowed to cling to a hairbrush for an extended period, bacteria starts to grow. These organisms come with all sorts of terrible health implications and their scent is not exactly pleasant, either.

Meanwhile, the experts at Allure believe that the hairbrush needs to be cleaned on a monthly basis. There are some who believe that hairbrushes must be cleaned weekly. Regardless of where you land on the topic, we all can agree on one thing: the hairbrush is very easy to clean. All you need are a few simple materials and the instructions are foolproof.

To get started, grab a towel, some shampoo, warm water, toothbrush, scissors, pen, and the hairbrush in question. Use the pen to start disrupting all of the hair that has collected between the bristles. This hair can be hard to see at times. Take the scissors and cut all of the hair that is sticking straight up out of the brush. When it comes time to pull hair from the brush, the task is made easier.

Mix the shampoo and warm water up in a bowl. The toothbrush should be used as a mixer, to make the solution all sudsy. From there, use the toothbrush to scrub the hairbrush as thoroughly as possible. Once the hairbrush has been dried off, you are all done. You’ll be so stunned at how clean your hairbrush is. The next time you run it through your locks, you are sure to notice the difference.

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