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This is a TikTok that is sure to have you questioning the career path that you have taken. The woman that you are about to meet is a professional house cleaner who has decided to share her weekly earnings with the rest of the world.

We had no idea that professional cleaners made this much and we are glad that she was willing to provide a little transparency. Sometimes, we will make a wrongful assumption about other people’s salaries, so it is nice to get that reality check every once in a while.

Photo: TikTok/@anadovada

Anastasia (you find her @anadovada on TikTok) is the one who has everyone flabbergasted by her pay rate. She’s very passionate about what she does and currently is the owner of her own cleaning business. Anastasia is looking to spread the wealth, too.

She started the TikTok account as a means of helping others to start their own businesses as well. Anastasia does not believe in gatekeeping and wants everyone to be able to follow in her footsteps if they so choose.

Photo: TikTok/@anadovada

To that end, she broke down her take-home pay, giving everyone a taste of what life can be like for professional cleaners.

“I love what I do and love my clients,” the post is captioned. Anastasia is even gracious enough to take people through the entirety of her work week. Her paydays all fell somewhere between $360 and $480. When it was all said and done, she had taken home $2,304 for the week.

Photo: TikTok/@anadovada

“I might just go into cleaning business,” said one commentator.

Others who happen to own cleaning businesses of their own were also quick to chime in. “I started my own cleaning business about 2 years ago,” one person said. “Love it. I’ve got kids in traveling sports so it helps that I make my own schedule.”

On the other hand, others were quick to point out that this money is not nearly as easy as they would like to think.

Clients can be stingy at times and the work is often more difficult than expected. Some professional cleaners do not mind rolling up their sleeves and taking on the hard work, though. Many find it to be rather therapeutic. As for us, we have a lot to think about now. Perhaps it is time to choose a new career path?