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With the holidays around the corner, most of us are crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to salvage a portion of the holidays and be able to celebrate with a small gathering of socially distant people. While that probably won’t happen this year thanks to COVID-19, we can still have little holiday celebrations at home ourselves – or with anyone who might be living under the same roof with us. And these little cozy, at-home celebrations might benefit from some charcuterie.

But this isn’t your average, savory charcuterie ideas. Instead, given the holiday season, it’s only fitting that charcuterie boards get a sweeter upgrade. For those who love dessert, this dessert charcuterie board that features hot cocoa as the centerpiece surrounded by marshmallows and swizzle sticks might just be the thing needed for getting in the holiday spirit at home.

How fun is this?!! Hot chocolate charcuterie boards are a thing!!! If you did not have an excuse to get a This New…

Posted by This New Old House on Sunday, November 1, 2020

On the Facebook page This New Old House, the hot chocolate charcuterie idea was given a platform when Rebecca Zoet, a DIY enthusiast and interior designer, shared photos of her own hot chocolate charcuterie board. And it was quite the enviable sight as it featured tasty, dunkable treats like marshmallows, chocolate chips, caramel, and chocolate sauce, as well as baked goodies like biscotti and meringue cookies.

Hers isn’t the only one either. One Twitter one user, @kateburning, posted about her own hot cocoa charcuterie board which had a variety of items including chocolate-covered pretzel rods and fudge, even Andes mints.

But theirs are not the only two examples out there. If you were to log onto any social media site, particularly Instagram, you’d be bound to find an endless supply of hot chocolate charcuterie board ideas. All you need to do is search the hashtags #hotchocolatecharcuterie or #hotcocoacharcuterie.

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Even if you can’t go anywhere for Christmas this year, these would still provide quite the yummy snack for sitting beside the fireplace, listening to Christmas music, and enjoying a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

What do you think of these new charcuterie board trends? Will you be making one this winter? Let us know!