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They sometimes say that a man’s house is his castle. I think that all of us can appreciate that fact but let’s face it, some people take things to the extreme.

We may love many things about our “castle” but most of us pay particular attention to our lawn. Perhaps we get upset when we see issues with the lawn, such as brown spots.

Photo: Max Pixel

It may even be worse when we see somebody crossing the line and walking across our property as a shortcut. Eventually, there is going to be a path worn into the grass that will be undesirable, at best.

It seems as if this happened to a friend of a man on TikTok named Thomas Lyon. Somebody was crossing the line and walking across his lawn, and he decided to get some sweet revenge.

Photo: TikTok/tgunz81

The security footage was shared on TikTok, and many people are saying it is the funniest thing they have ever seen.

In order to get his revenge, he set up an automatic sprinkler system to soak anyone who walked across his lawn in a shortcut.

Photo: TikTok/tgunz81

In the video, you see a woman and two small children taking their usual shortcuts. When they stepped into the wrong area, however, the sprinklers turn on and they were drenched with water. They started running, ending up on the sidewalk and walking around the property as they should have in the first place.

Watch the video below:



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I’m not here to say if it is right or wrong but I can say, it is hilarious!

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