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A lot of us probably use an array of different products in our hair to keep it nice and smooth. One product that is always quite lovely to use is coconut oil.

Not only is it great for dry hair, but hair products with coconut oil also leave your hair smelling like a tropical smoothie. Personally, I love this one particular shampoo brand that does a lovely shampoo as well as conditioner, which both use coconut oil as their main ingredient to combat dryness.

Photo: YouTube/Traditonal Me

Coconut oil has its many uses, not just as a moisturizer in beauty products. It’s also used in cooking. I’ve made many a delicious curry using coconut oil. Just last week, I cooked some pretty awesome shrimp using coconut oil to fry them before adding in other spices. They were great.

But most of us probably don’t really give a second thought as to where coconut oil comes from and how it’s derived. As the name suggests, it does come from coconuts, but the methods by which its extracted is a whole interesting concept on its own.

Photo: YouTube/Traditonal Me
Photo: YouTube/Traditonal Me

One woman living in a village in Sri Lanka shared a video that shows how coconut oil gets made in Sri Lanka – the entire process is quite fascinating.

Nadee is the woman behind the YouTube channel Traditional Me. One of her videos features the process of making coconut oil.

Photo: YouTube/Traditonal Me

As she explains, “The coconut tree is a tree that is not only wide-spread in our island nation, but something that is intricately woven within our culture and cuisine. The Sri Lankans of old called it ‘Kapruka’ which is a tree of legend that is said to give you whatever you wished.”

So fascinating! Check out the video below:

Did you know everything that goes into this process? Let us know!

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