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Sports are a great way to get people to come together. There is that sense of camaraderie with other fans in the stands as you cheer together for your team.

It can bring strangers together as friends – even if only for the duration of the match. We cheer together, cry together, and even sing together.

Photo: Instagram/@br_openice

It’s not just one type of sport that manages to unite its fans. This unique fan camaraderie can be seen across all the different types of sports, from football to baseball, basketball to soccer, and even hockey.

All the different fan types all share that one common denominator, and that is the absolute devotion and enjoyment of the sport.

Photo: Instagram/@br_openice

And fans of the Colorado Avalanche team have started a brand new tradition which includes a singalong to Blink-182’s “All The Small Things” at all their home games.

Sounds pretty endearing, right? Well, this new tradition has been caught on camera and features a happy, buzzing crowd united as one as they belt out the lyrics to the pop-punk classic.

Photo: Instagram/@br_openice

The best part was the Avalanche managed to beat the Tampa Bay Lightening, 7 to 0, during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. That sounds pretty darn lucky. Perhaps this is a new superstition that fans share? We can only assume it might be headed that way.

Check out the fan singalong in the video below:


What kind of sports fan are you? Do you like the camaraderie associated with going to games in person? Let us know!

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