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Ketchup has been a useful condiment when it comes to Halloween costumes for many, many years now. Now that HEINZ has picked up on the trend, they are offering up one of the coolest costumes that we have ever seen.

The limited-edition HEINZ Tomato Blood Costume Kit is here to assist all of the party-goers and trick or treaters that are looking to stand out this year.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Who wouldn’t love to spice up their outfit? Halloween is not about fitting in, after all. The Costume Kit comes with all sorts of amazing accessories, including vampire fangs, face paint, applicators, stick-on tattoos and so much more.

The limited-edition Tomato Blood Ketchup bottle is also an awesome touch. That is not all that HEINZ is providing for the Halloween revelers this year, either.

In addition to the Tomato Blood Ketchup, those who are in the area will be able to visit their full Halloween experience at the HEINZ Halloween Store pop-up in Los Angeles. Exclusive Halloween merchandise is going to be available at this location as well. Thanks to the “drip stations,” it has never been easier to create a sick costume that is sure to grab the attention of all of your friends.

The Halloween kits have been on sale since October 12 and you will want to act quick if you want one. If you are ready to make a purchase, be sure to head to the HEINZ Halloween website where the costume can be purchased for $19.99.

HEINZ is also asking patrons who would like to share their looks on social media to provide all of their hottest pictures. If you would like for your photos to be seen, you’ll have to add the #HeinzHalloween and start tagging @heinz on Instagram. Twitter users will need to tag the @HeinzTweets account instead so be sure to bear that in mind before getting started.

The best costumes are going to have their chance to be featured by HEINZ. What could possibly be better than that? If you are anything like us, you like a good-spirited competition between your friends and loved ones for who has the coolest costume. Thanks to HEINZ, your path to victory is getting easier and easier.

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