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Halloween is our favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, and no forced family interactions? We’re sold. Even if all of the Halloween parties are happening on Zoom this year, we are still going to be all decked out and ready to impress. If you’d like to learn more about some of the hottest costume trends for 2020, read on…

1. Cameron and Lauren From Love Is Blind

Photo: Instagram / teamlameron

The Cameron of this arrangement will need to have a black tuxedo, some black shoes, and a white shirt, preferably a button-up. A beard and a ring round out the ensemble. Lauren requires a tight, green dress, some curls, black pumps, and nail polish that sparkles.

2. High Fidelity’s Robin

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Which look are we feeling today… 1, 2, 3, or 4? #HighFidelity

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The leather jacket will say it all. Robyn is a confident, mysterious woman with a certain type of look. Pair your leather jacket with some combat boots and some oversize printed shirt. Boom, you’re all set.

3. The Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” look

Photo: YouTube/Harry Styles

The perfect Halloween costume for someone who lives in a world of perpetual summertime bliss. Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” look is colorful, so you’ll need some vintage necklaces, a pair of blue shades, brown slacks, and of course, the orange knit top. Paint your nails pink if you’re truly committed to the look.

4. The Bachelor’s Peter Weber

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One Bachelor. Two nights. Endless ways this could end.

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To properly emulate this heart breaker, a light navy blue suit is a must. Grab some black shoes and a matching tie to complete the getup.

5. Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” outfit

Photo: YouTube/Taylor Swift

An oversize cardigan will be needed, for starters. Make sure it has the blue stripes and get a white flowy midi dress to go with it. Your hair must be pulled back into a bun for the full effect.

6. Birds of Prey’ Harley Quinn

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#DCFanDome only 2 days left! Which panels will you watch? Have you made a plan for yourself?

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This one’s simple enough. Get yourself a light pink “Harley Quinn” printed shirt, tattered pinstripe shorts, high pigtails, a padlocked black belt, colorful gloves, a chunky necklace, and it’s time to roll.

7. Billie Eilish at the 2020 Grammys

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@billieeilish she won an award already! What else do you think she will win tonight? #billieelish #grammys2020 #milliebobbybrown #celebs #grammys #celebrity #reddie #fff #l4l #blueeyes #greenhair #grammyawards #billieelishgrammy

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A black mask, matching pants, green turtleneck, and a short sleeve button down and you’re already glowing. Be sure to dye your roots neon green too!

8. Hamilton’s Alexander Hamilton

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A #Hamilfilm mood 🤗 Who's ready for July 3rd? (📸: @ALacamoire)

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The fitted black vest and the puffy white button-down are the primary pieces of this costume, but the tiny glasses and slicked-back hair are the true stars of the show.

9. Ozark’s Ruth

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Business sense can be taught. Ferociousness can't. #OzarkS3

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Curly wig, sandals, little to no jewelry. Make sure to keep things low key and business casual. It’s really that simple.