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Halloween is less than two weeks away. And with the pandemic this year, it certainly is going to be much different than any of the Halloweens that we’ve celebrated in the past. For those of us who are grown, we probably have fond memories of dressing up as kids and parading around the neighborhood with our costumes and pumpkin buckets for candy. Every house in our neighborhood would be fair game as we rushed up to the front door to ring the doorbell and shout, “Trick or treat!”

As kids, we’d quickly learn which houses passed out candy and which didn’t – as well as which houses had the best selection of candies. Those were always the ones that we want to go to first. When it comes to favorites, everyone has a different opinion as to which Halloween candy is the best. But now there is a way to settle which candies are actually the best and worst based on a survey conducted by

The website took data from several websites in addition to conducting their own research on more than 20,000 customers in order to tell us which candies people have judged as good or bad.

Worst Halloween Candy by CandyStore.comSource:

And as you can see, candy corn has been judged the absolute worst in terms of Halloween candy. Following on the heels of the tricolored candy that is synonymous with the spooky season are peanut butter kisses. Rounding out the list are circus peanuts, wax cola bottles, Smarties, Necco wafers, Tootsie Rolls (no surprise there), Mary Janes, Good and Plenties, and licorice – but we can only assume they’re talking about the black licorice which is pretty icky.

There is also a favorites list, which holds some of my personal favorites like Reese’s peanut butter cups and Twix, but the others on that list are M&Ms, Snickers, KitKat, Butterfinger, Nerds, Hershey Bar, Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids. Yum! These are all the candies that we loved seeing in our buckets on Halloween night.

And while trick or treating might not be in the cards for this year, at least we can drown our COVID-19 sorrows in a big bag of Halloween candy from the store.

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