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These are the stories that remind us of the joys of parenting. When events like these come up, some parents might be tempted to think that their kids will not care if they show up or not. However, our children have a way of finding us, regardless of whether we expect them to.

This moment was captured on film and is so pure, you won’t be able to contain yourself. It was shared by Maria Shriver on Instagram, who was unable to hold back her joy as well.

Photo: Instagram/@mariashriver

She wanted to inspire others and we have loved every second of it. We are so glad that she was willing to share.

It is not every day that you get to see something like this. Once we took one look at her caption, we knew that we would be passing this one along as well.

Photo: Instagram/@mariashriver

“This is exactly how I feel when I see my granddaughters — pure and utter joy! My face lights up, I clap my hands, and I just feel happy. I hope you have someone, or a few people that make you feel this way. That elicit this reaction in you. We all need joy in our lives, and it truly is the most precious gift you can give! Tag someone below to let them know how joyful they make you feel!” she exclaimed.

She did not tell one lie there. There is something about the joy that children radiate that is positively infectious.

Photo: Instagram/@mariashriver

Thank you so much to these parents for being willing to share the moment with the rest of us. Now that the Christmas recital season is upon us, it is time that we all remembered just how much fun these events can be.

This time of year can be hard on a lot of people, too. There are those who do not have family to spend the holidays with or they may be struggling with all of the obligations that the season presents. That’s why we must all do our part to spread the joy as far and as wide as possible.