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It’s the kick-off to the holiday season, one that has its own charms with distinct decorations and lights. Halloween is all about the spooktacular, something that many people try to replicate throughout their homes.

Halloween is also known for a whole dedicated movie genre, ranging from the super scary horror films to the more tame Halloween flicks. Naturally, the line between Halloween movies and Halloween decorations will sometimes get overlapped in the most creative ways.

Photo: YouTube/Seasoned Projections

Take, for example, the Ghostbusters light show that is put on by Seasoned Projections. The light show is a very realistic projection that portrays characters from the movies, as well as different quotes and scenes from the original movie.

The show was set up to be projected onto the Southern California home in time for Halloween 2021.

Photo: flickr/Drümmkopf

As the description for the light show goes, “Who ya gonna call?! 2021 Halloween Projection Mapping of the Ghostbusters. Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston save the day yet again.

Set to the original Ghostbusters theme with some bad boys music thrown in…they finally get Slimer! Appearances by Vigo, Dana, Demon Dogs, and much more.”

Photo: YouTube/Seasoned Projections
Photo: YouTube/Seasoned Projections

The creator responsible for the Ghostbuster’s light show explained how it was made. They said, “I mapped (drew) my house lines at a specific angle viewing the house. The mapping looks best when facing the house looking straight on of the main garage or at an angle facing where the entry archway and small garage meet. This gives you the full mapping (including the small garage) at a glance and looks great.”

Watch the video below:

What do you think of the light show? Would you like to see something like this pop up in your neighborhood? Let us know!

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