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Once Halloween rolls around, there is no shortage of arts and crafts projects for us to enjoy. While there are a number of these projects that require lots of time and effort, there are others that can be handled with ease. There are plenty of cool Halloween items that you can make with your little ones, without all of the usual muss and fuss.

Bunnie Claire is here to provide you with a handy craft tutorial and her idea is as fun as it gets (and it’s super easy!). Parents who are looking for the perfect project to take on with their children are in luck. After all, there are a number of us who are very bored at home right now. It is never too early to get started on your Halloween decorations.

Her tutorial teaches you how to make “ghosts” that glow and grin, without the need for any expensive embellishments. We’ve all seen those types of houses before. You drive past and it looks like they have spent their life savings on their decorations.

Photo: YouTube / BunnieClaire

No long and drawn out decorative processes. No cumbersome trips to the local party supply store (if they are even open). Your kids should be able to take care of these decorations without your help, but if you have smaller children you are going to want to assist them with the cutting. Once you have helped them with the cutting aspect, it is alright to take a step back.

Bunnie outlines every step of the process for you before you get started. She’ll let you know about all of the necessary items you need, but as long as you have a milk jug and a marker, you are most certainly in business.

Be sure to share this awesome Halloween idea with anyone who is looking to spend a fun afternoon with their little ones. If you would like to see the results of this project for yourself, pay close attention to the video. We could not believe our eyes by the time we got to the end of the video. Those who have never seen a “ghost milk jug” before are going to enjoy these spooky new decorations, for sure.

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