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Anyone who lives around Greenville, South Carolina, is likely no stranger to the Pizza Inn. The restaurant hit the spotlight nationwide, though, when it posted a sign on its front door. The posting was triggered by customer “feedback” and the restaurant owner’s reaction will make you smile.

There isn’t a restaurant in the world that hasn’t been visited by its fair share of rude or unhappy customers. Sometimes, there’s just no pleasing someone, even though most restaurants adhere to the motto, “The Customer Is Always Right.”

The Pizza Inn doesn’t agree with that motto, and dealt with a displeased customer in a fantastic way.

See, the customer had an empty salad bowl that needed a refill. They asked a passing employee, who was autistic, if he could help them out. However, the autistic employee was only trained to complete certain tasks, and so he didn’t even acknowledge the customer’s request.

The manager, Amanda Cartagine, got involved, and explained that the other employee had special needs — but the customer was still unhappy.

They told her that there needed to be a sign in the window to warn their customers about the presence of special needs employees.

Cartagine was not going to just accept this kind of treatment towards her employees. A lot of her kitchen staff is special needs, and Cartagine says that they never fail to come to work with smiles on their faces, and that their work ethic is unparalleled.

Cartagine decided to take the customer’s advice, but with her own special twist. The sign she placed on the door didn’t “warn” anyone that there were special needs employees working there. Rather, the sign let customers know that all of God’s children were hired at this location.

We commend Cartagine for standing up to this customer.

Really, is there any reason for someone to behave like this customer did? Special needs employees have a lot to offer — they just need to be given the chance, and some understanding.

Cartagine says that there’s no need for this particular customer to return — unless they want to seriously adjust their attitude!

Though some of the employees at Pizza Inn may require a little more patience, there is nothing wrong with that. Cartagine didn’t let a customer decide how she approaches her staffing, and that is truly admirable.

This is a restaurant we support, and we’d love to visit!

Check out the video below to learn more about this awesome story.

This story originally appeared at Goodfullness.

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