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The frozen food storage struggle is very real. It can be hard to put stuff away sometimes and we understand exactly where everyone is coming from on that.

That’s what makes this life hack such a special one. It is the perfect hack for anyone who has been experiencing the aforementioned struggle and we are more than happy to pass it along.

Photo: TikTok/@jonez_333

This one comes to us courtesy of Melondy, a hairdresser from Kentucky. Like most of us, she likes to utilize her freezer to store extra food and she’s got an amazing hack to share.

It will certainly come in handy for anyone who is looking to stash away extra food for those nights when they do not have time to cook dinner. When you do not have a freezer stash to rely on, you end up relying on fast food more.

Photo: TikTok/@jonez_333

As parents, this is the last thing that we want and so we are very welcoming of any hacks that allow us to avoid such a fate.

The best part of all here is that you only need a pair of scissors when you are ready to get started. It is really that simple and Melondy is here to walk you through if you need her to.

Photo: TikTok/@jonez_333

Trust us, though. The simplicity of this hack is only matched by its level of usefulness. As it turns out, it is very easy to create your own built-in ties to each freezer bag.

As she shared on TikTok, once you have your scissors, you grab the bag and cut a U shape out of it. That’s it! As soon as the U shape has been created, you are now able to tie the ends of the bag without experiencing any further difficulties.


Life changing🤣🤣

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A thousand thanks to Melondy for being willing to share this one with the rest of us. It is going to be a major help because we are now able to save all kinds of freezer space and successfully store lots of tasty meals.

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