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When most people think about wine, they think about the upper-crust and some of the more expensive wines on the market. When others think of wine, however, they think of Two Buck Chuck.

Unfortunately, the creator of that iconic blend, Fred Franzia, has passed away at 79. He was the CEO and founding partner of Bronco Wine Company, but the company’s Facebook page announced that he passed away at his Denair, California home with family by his side.

The Bronco Wine Company was created by Fred Franzia, along with his brother and cousin in 1973. They wanted to focus on wine that was accessible to people for daily consumption.

At one point, the question was asked; how they could sell wine at a price that was less expensive than a bottle of water? Fred nailed the situation when he said: “They’re overcharging for the water – don’t you get it?”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He certainly had a vision, and thanks to it, the Bronco Wine Company has created a legacy that will be remembered for generations. During all that time, Franzia remain focused on his family but dedicated to the company that would remain family-owned down to this time.

Along with Two Buck Chuck, they also created the Charles Shaw brand wine. Perhaps you have seen that at Trader Joe’s, and you can pick up a bottle for anywhere between $1.99 and $3.79.

Photo: flickr/lovinkat

According to the New Yorker, winemaking was in his blood, as his parents were also in the business. Unfortunately, Franzia and his father had a falling out when his parents sold their boxed wine brand to Coca-Cola. It would be years before they would communicate again.

You can still purchase a box of that wine, as it is now owned by The Wine Group. It still bears the family name.

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