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Dutch designer Rommydebommy creates some of the most delectable looking purses that you are ever going to see. She also creates clutches and backpacks, so you’re not merely limited to purses. She sources the ideas from various recipes that she comes across on social media and does not hesitate to utilize all sorts of food types.

“Making food purses from patterned printing fabrics is to easy for me. I really like to create the impossible,” she said. “Since I couldn’t find purses that look like real foods on the internet or in stores I started to create them by myself.”

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

Let’s take a closer look at some of her most incredible creations, shall we?

1. Cream Cheese Everything Bagel Purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

This is the perfect gift for anyone who absolutely has to start their day with an everything bagel slathered with cream cheese. That’s one of our favorite breakfasts, too!

2. The prison food purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

A prison food purse may not have the same sort of appeal as the others, but the attention to detail is hard to ignore. We cannot get over the level of realism that she put into all of the different foods. The beans are an especially nice touch!

3. The frozen poultry purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

Here’s a purse that is sure to make people do a double-take. The first time we saw this, we thought that this woman was carrying a frozen chicken out of the store!

4. The blueberry waffle (with bananas) purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

Now we’re talking. Anyone who claims that this purse does not make them hungry is lying through their teeth!

5. The donut purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

We have yet to see a tastier-looking cruller in all of our years, whether we are talking about purses….or the real McCoy.

6. The cake purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

If you could save a slice for us, please, that would be ever so kind of you. Please be sure to pass us a purse that contains some ice-cold milk, while you are at it!

7. The Spilled bowl of cereal purse

Photo: Instagram / rommydebommy

Here’s another one that is sure to make everyone take a second look. We don’t know about you, but we are getting hungry for some Fruit Loops.

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