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Since many of us find ourselves tired of staying in the house and eating the same food every day, takeout is quite necessary at the moment. It is great to support locals and provide your nearby restaurants with some valuable business. The current times have also forced restaurants to get a bit more clever about how they obtain that business, though. This Pennsylvania restaurant is a prime example.

This is the story of a woman named Rebecca Jones who visited The Flying V Food Truck with her son. They wanted to take home some poutine but social distancing protocols still need to be followed. The Canadian vendor had the perfect idea, allowing them to maintain a safe distance. The bagged order was placed at the end of a hockey stick!

This is one of the most clever ideas that we have ever seen. Takeout is typically safe in most instances but there is nothing wrong with taking extra precautions. The Flying V Food Truck has more about this unique promotion on their Instagram account.

Photo: Instagram /theflyingvfoodtruck

“If you want a little bit of this hockey stick drop off action, you better get on our website and pre order your poutine right now!! We care so much for the safety of our staff and customers so Matt and I are kicking it old school and managing all the orders on the truck ourselves,” they shared. The account also took the time to thank those who have still been ordering during the pandemic.

Photo: Instagram /theflyingvfoodtruck

“We want to first thank everyone today who paid it forward with some poutine love by donating or leaving a generous tip during the “Pay What You Can, Poutine Pick Up” service in Pburg. YOU made it possible for several people and family’s to have a comforting meal today with hopefully less financial anxiety,” they wrote.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

With so many restaurants being forced to take more extreme precautions at the moment, seeing these types of posts truly warms our hearts. Poutine is a nice break from the usual dinners that we have been preparing, to be quite honest! Maybe we’ll go ahead and take a drive to Pennsylvania. These guys look like they know how to make the best of things!

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