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Something interesting happened when the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts got started on Friday. It seems as if a buying frenzy took place when they released some Figment popcorn buckets.

People knew that they were going to be in limited supply so Disney fans pulled out all the stops in order to get one for themselves.

Photo: Max Pixel

They stood for hours, even before the park opened on Friday, in order to purchase one of the $25 containers.

Although they sold out quickly, some are going on eBay to sell their buckets for $200.

If you aren’t familiar with Figment, he is a mascot for the Imagination! Pavilion at the EPCOT theme park. At first, he was in some educational shorts for schools but then he was also seen in some Marvel comics Disney Kingdoms brand comic books.

Photo: flickr/Loren Javier

The line seemed to stretch on forever as people were waiting for their opportunity to get their own popcorn bucket. People were sharing videos online, and for good reason, because there was up to a seven-hour wait to get one of these rare treats.

One of the Disney fans who stood in line was Ashley Ebey. According to the New York Post, she stayed at the Polynesian Village Resort so she wouldn’t have far to go to stand in line. In her words, they had a 30-minute head start.

Fortunately, the line moved quickly once it started moving with some people only having to wait a few minutes to a few hours in order to get their souvenir.

There was only one purchase allowed per guest or two buckets maximum per family. They sold quickly, but now they are reselling on eBay for a significant profit.