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Have you ever seen someone try to pull off a bit in public and it was so good that you wanted to tell them so? This video serves as a prime example of that principle in action.

If we saw this person and what they were doing, we would have no choice but to march right up to them and let them know how awesome they are.

Photo: TikTok/@michaelrimmer4

You love to see a commitment to an awesome bit and this joker is not wavering one bit. The man in front of this family decided that he was going to wear his sunglasses on the back of his head, in case you were wondering.

This may not seem like the most original joke in the world but trust us on this one, it is awesome. Sometimes, even the most played-out jokes can be funny again when they are given the chance to breathe for a bit.

Photo: TikTok/@michaelrimmer4

The fact that he was able to keep a straight face while the family was laughing it up is a big part of that.

We cannot lie, we would have been laughing so hard that the sunglasses ended up sliding back down our heads and hitting the floor.

Photo: TikTok/@michaelrimmer4

We need this amateur comedian to provide us with some tips and pointers so that we can avoid laughing when we try to pull off a bit like this one.

If you want to see the prank for yourself, check out the video below:


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