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When you are part of a community, you are often part of something that is much larger than the people or the places. Each community has something unique to offer and it is a source of pride for many that live within it.

That is true in a small island community near Oakland named Alameda. Aside from the people and the architecture, there is something else that this area is known for – fairy doors.

Photo: Pixabay

People in Alameda have become accustomed to seeing fairy doors appearing throughout the community and they have been around for a number of years. Those tiny doors are often put at the bottom of trees or fence posts but the numbers have been on the rise during the pandemic.

Photo: Pixabay

So many of the doors are appearing throughout Alameda that a Facebook group has been set up to map out the locations as they appear. This has established a culture of those who are interested in self-guided walking tours to see as many as possible.


The fairy door movement got its start when Fred Hogenboom and his daughter began putting them in place about 7 years ago.


It has grown since then and Hogenboom shared with the SF Gate, “It’s a great phenomenon that was embraced by the whole community.”

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