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The Erewhon Market is one of the swankiest grocery stores that we have ever seen and every so often, they manage to go viral because of it.

The luxury supermarket chain has seven locations spread around the Los Angeles area, in case you were wondering. They are no stranger to being in the headlines, thanks to their celebrity clientele. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to Kim Kardashian shops there!

Photo: TikTok/@katie_levans

In addition to the attention that they get because of their famous shoppers, the prices are also outlandish. Can you believe that these celebrities are willing to fork over as much as $17 for a smoothie?

If that’s what a smoothie costs, you had better believe that the rest of the prices are well out of our range. Katie Levans (@katie_levans) decided to speak on this.

Photo: TikTok/@katie_levans

She uploaded a clip that emphasized the insane pricing on all of these goods, including $20 milk, $38 maple syrup, and $40 hot sauce. There’s a large bottle of water that can be had for $25 and even something as simple as a cup of instant ramen will set you back $8 there. It did not take long before her comments were filled with all sorts of jabs at this store.

The $25 bottle of water seemed to be a pretty big sticking point and we can see why. Many also pointed out that many of these items are available in other stores at a much lower price.

Photo: TikTok/@katie_levans

For example, the $40 hot sauce from Truff can be found at Target for half of the price. However, many of the Erewhon goods are legitimately high-end.

They have a number of products that are 100 percent organic and designed to fit a wide range of dietary restrictions. For what it is worth, the Vermont residents who decided to chime in said that this is not a bad price for maple syrup.


$17 smoothie 💅

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What do you think of this store? In our humble opinion, these rich and famous people are not paying for the items themselves, they are paying for the ability to shop in peace. It is hard to be harassed by fans while you are shopping when most of them cannot even afford a bottle of water! Either way, this clip is good for a much-needed laugh.

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