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Dog Food

Eggshell calcium powder is also becoming a topic among dog lovers who make their pup’s dog food rather than buy it. The important thing to remember here is that if the dog is being fed a combination of fresh and commercial food, he will need less calcium (in the form of eggshell powder) added because commercial dog food already contains added calcium. The canine community recommends a ratio of half of a teaspoon eggshell powder to each pound of fresh food. If this is how you choose to add calcium to Fido’s diet, be sure to grind the shells to a fine powder the same way you would for human consumption.

Protection From Evil Spirits

Long ago, the Romans ate one egg-containing meal per day and when finished, crushed the egg shells on their plates as protection from evil spirits. This superstition has since faded, so unless you are going all out at your Game of Thrones themed party, this likely is not a use of eggshells that will feel relevant.

How To Properly Prepare Eggshells

Properly cleaning eggshells to remove bacteria before consuming them is a must. Don’t remove the membrane (only remove the membrane if you are planning on eating the membrane and discarding the shell). Boil them for 5 minutes. Let them dry on paper towels. Once dry, bake at 180 degrees to completely rid them of any lingering bacteria and to dry them completely.

The eggshells must be completely dry before grinding them. Eggshells can be ground using a coffee grinder or food processor. Grind them until they are a ground to a powder. Swallowing poorly ground eggshells has been compared to swallowing thumb tacks, followed by vomiting and throat pain.

How To Store And Eat Eggshells

Store dried eggshells in a dry, airtight container. If using eggshells as a calcium source, the eggshell in about half an egg provides the daily requirement for calcium. However, our bodies don’t absorb a daily dose in one sitting – they have to receive it in two to three doses at different times throughout the day. So although the shell of one egg provides approximately twice our daily calcium needs, we can only absorb the calcium in one quarter of the eggshell. This means you can’t eat eggshell once in your day and think you’re done taking in calcium. You’ll either need to have more eggshell later or some milk, yogurt, or other calcium supplement.

Eggshell eaters have gotten creative with how they incorporate eggshells. The powder form can be added to pizza, smoothies, casseroles, salad, pasta sauce, or stirred into a beverage.

Also on the list of reasons why eggshell eaters eat eggshells is the slight decrease in food waste. This, in addition to the cost benefit compared to purchasing dietary calcium supplements, is reason enough for some to make eggshells part of their daily routine.

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