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Easily Transform An Old Pallet Into A Strawberry Planter

It’s sure to make your upcoming spring harvest much more productive.

We love a good hack and our favorite hacks involve turning nothing into something. Whether you are someone who is just getting started on your gardening or you consider yourself to be a bit of an expert, gardening hacks are always exciting. Anyone who spends a decent amount of time in their garden is forever looking for ways to maximize their advantages and help their plants to grow.

That’s what makes this hack such a must-see. Raised beds are a godsend when it comes to gardening. If you do not know about all of the benefits that raised beds have to offer, you’ll definitely want to read on and educate yourself. They help with each and every step of the gardening process, it does not matter if we are talking about watering, weeding, or harvesting. They help gardeners to produce much higher yields.

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I grow edibles at home in containers like this strawberry pallet planter. They make use of patio space that would otherwise be wasted as a growing area. More on my greenhouse and container garden via the link in my bio or here: http://lovelygreens.com/2017/05/the-greenhouse-container-garden-in-april.html

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YouTuber Lovely Greens is here to provide a tutorial on upscaling old pallets into planters. But this isn’t your typical pallet planter idea. Instead of using the old pallets for a raised bed, you can convert them into a raised strawberry planters in just a few hours! You can have the planters finished in roughly two hours and you do not have to be any sort of carpentry expert.

The good folks at Lovely Greens will walk you through the finer points but we do have a couple of tips. Make sure to use heat treated pallets, as chemically treated pallets contain harmful pesticides. Iron mallets and steel splitting wedges aren’t a requirement but they’ll make the work go by more quickly. Landscaping fabric and scraps of wire can be used to help you keep the soil inside of the planter. Line the bottom with plenty of each.

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Five years ago I figured out how to make this planter from a single wooden pallet. After I shared the DIY countless people have made their own too! In my latest post (link in bio) I've shared photos of readers' planters along with instructions on how to make your own 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

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Once you’re ready to really give it a try, the Lovely Greens website will be happy to provide more detailed instructions. This is one pallet project that is sure to make your upcoming spring harvest much more productive. Save some nice, leafy greens for us, if you don’t mind too much!