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Dolly Parton is at the age where most people would be looking to slow down and take life easy. No one would blame her at all if she retired at this point, she’s accomplished so much over the course of her life. However, Parton is not slowing down one bit. In fact, in recent times, her new memoir hit the shelves, she made a new Christmas album, and she got her own movie on Netflix!

She wears so many hats and she’s got so many endeavors still to come. It’s enough to make anyone wonder what her routines look like to keep her going at this level of performance. Lucky for us, she recently sat down for an interview with Today and revealed some insight into her morning routine.

Photo: Image via Flickr

As it turns out, she does not sleep all that often, getting just three to five hours per night. Apparently, she’s fine with this amount of sleep and can function perfectly.

“I’m a very, very, very early riser,” Parton noted in the interview. “I go to bed pretty early, but I’m up and down. If I wake up and I’m pretty well awake, I think, I’ve got so much to do, I’ll get up and I’ll work a little while, write a little while, and I’ll lay back down.” She went on to credit her schedule for the success that she has enjoyed on a creative level.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“But I’m always, almost always up for good around 3 a.m. So, I do some of my best spiritual work, some of my best writing, and some of my business work—call-ins and letters that I’m writing or whatever—between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.,” she said. “I get more work done during that little period of time when the world is calm, energies are down, and I just feel like a farmer. They say the early bird gets the worm. Well, they also get a lot of good ideas too.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

She prays early and often, prepares a delicious breakfast for her longtime husband, and yes, she can usually be found in high heels. “…I have to wear heels in order to reach my cabinets. But I always enjoy wearing the shoes too, and I just feel more like me,” she says.

Watch her full interview below:

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